J e r e m y........T h o m a s........K u n k e l


Urban island; A reality and a reflection, a raw isolated space, encompassing the trueness of the natural and impact of humanity. Cutoff from the general population by highway intersections, these microcosmic landscapes encapsulate both the overarching quality of nature, and the more temporal actions of society. Looking at the seductive qualities of perception, such as an individual's relevance, authority, and ideas of power I reflect on the human narrative and its relationship to the natural world. I am compelled by this conceptual intersection, this microcosmic framework that illuminates ephemeral human centric realities, against a landscape that maintains a timeline in natural reality.


To engage the concept of the Urban island I look at nature, at reality as an actor that is intertwined with debris, with discards and categorized objects. Through these orchestrated works is an inquiry into humanities attempts to control power, by reconstructing truth and reorienting the landscape of how we see.

Triumph; A living evolutionary concept aimed at human centric perceptions of humanity, nature and notions of control. A parallel between the Urban Island and the qualities of the hybridized "Triumph" Tulip.

A fairly broad name, Triumph identifies a particular group of hybridized Tulips, yet Triumph as a word, and its meaning conceptually, folds over into itself is a unique reflection of human centricity, of self designation. But what is in the reconstruction, or hybridization, of a natural thing that makes it better? Is it power? ownership? a false notion to assert control over what is natural? If so, what spiraling need of control, to own, takes hold onto other things we are surrounded by?

Divot Median; Marked lines on a map suggest divisions imposed onto the land, creating comprehensible intersections and changes between spaces. Many conditions can be attributed to the invisible division of land, both in history and present day such as politics, culture or other human centric ideas. Located on the border of Indiana and Ohio this divot map investigation employs the act of physical mapping onto the land. It is also in the subtlety that more transient locations are more powerful over places that often maintain a certain notoriety, allowing the presence of the unknown amidst a constant flow of travelers crossing through a space. A space that has been consciously designated as two separate spaces.

Divot Median........Site Specific, Indiana / Ohio state line........Acrylic and Landscape........ 2023........